Barrier Breakdown and #Allergies Worsened By Electromagnetic Fields

Picture of irradiated skeleton holding a mobile phone showing radiation
Mobiles will worsen your allergies..

Did you know your TV, mobile and computer can make your barriers more leaky and therefore contribute to your allergies?

No, neither did I until a couple of days ago when Michelle from Foodsmatter sent me a link to an article she thought I should read, knowing my work on barrier function as the cause of allergies.

Before you heave a huge sigh, let me tell you that we can do a lot to lower our electromagnetic radiation exposure. But it is an issue we are going to have to consider as one of the Barrier Breakdown Factors in the Barrier Plan.

The article Michelle pointed me to was by Dr Andrew Goldsworth, a pioneer in the electro-sensitivity field (no pun intended). Read from this section: The effect of electromagnetic radiation on the body’s tight brain, respiratory and skin junction barriers. 

He starts by explaining how the tight junctions can be opened electrically and goes on to say:

Since all tight junction barriers have basically the same design, unscheduled calcium entry resulting from electromagnetic exposure is likely to open all of them in much the same way. The opening of our tight junction barriers by electromagnetic fields can account for many modern illnesses, ranging from asthma to multiple allergies and Alzheimer’s disease.

Oh heck.

How To Lower your Electromagnetic Exposure

For years, I have encouraged everyone to lower their exposure to electromagnetic radiation by not using mobiles willy-nilly, not putting laptops on your, er, lap, removing all electrical items from your bedroom and sitting well away from your TV, especially the plasma ones now. All of that will help and guidelines are included in the Toxic House & Home factsheet which I have included free in your Barrier Plan Resources area.

Michelle, an ES sufferer herself, has also written a great guide to avoiding exposure in a piece on FoodsMatter: Managing Electrosensitivity. Her piece is about how she has used oxygen therapy to dampen down her reactivity but further down there is a good intro and run-down of the best ways to avoid exposure which I think should serve as a summary for all of us, allergic or not.

I have also updated the Barrier Plan accordingly and loaded the new version, as promised, into Resources. You will find changes on page 42, the Lifestyle section, and page 68 as one of the other factors to consider if the Plan hasn’t completely worked for you.

Meantime, I have just checked my bedroom and a naughty radio has found its way in there! That will be removed pronto. I already work on Ethernet rather than wireless, using a wired keyboard and an LED screen, but I do use my mobile too much. Oops. I shall sort that too. Good reminder, thank you Michelle.

Your first job: go sort your bedroom out and remove all electrical items so you at least get 8 hours in a ‘cleaner’ room!

3 Replies to “Barrier Breakdown and #Allergies Worsened By Electromagnetic Fields”

  1. Absolutely right there, Micki – if you can minimise ES exposure in your bedroom that is a massive step to strengthening your resistance. It means that during the time that you are at rest and your body is already repairing itself, it is subject to the minimum amount of outside stress (eg electrosmog) so can do the best possible job.
    So, a radio in your bedroom is fine – as long as it is a nice battery driven one (I have a wind up one which gives me exercise at the same time!!) and absolutely not a clock radio. And…. Unplug that telly when you go to sleep, don’t use an electric blanket – and do NOT charge you phone in your bedroom! If you need to use an alarm, go back to a clock – battery driven!! You will be surprised how much better you sleep!

    1. Good advice, thanks Michelle. I trained myself to be my own alarm clock years ago. Now I just tell myself what time I need to wake up and I always do! SO don’t miss a shrill alarm clock. Can’t do without my radio in the morning so I will have to put it in my office. I already have a speaker in the bathroom so I can sing away in the shower!

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