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Useful observation on our shopping habits from one of you this morning:

Very interesting doing a weekly shop with my sister earlier this evening at the supermarket as a first step into her gluten free journey.  I shop for food so differently now it showed me how far I’ve come on my journey.  I hadn’t realised how many complete aisles in the supermarket I now completely miss out!!

Yet not so long ago I too was looking for shortcut quick convenience food rather than actually valuing it as a fuel for my body to function better.  It’s also very interesting what people don’t realise is actually processed food.  It’s so much about breaking habits we were brought up on!  

Don’t you find: it’s only when we try to explain it to someone else we really realise how differently we think about food? Very sage advice particularly there about valuing food rather than trying to pack in processed convenience fillers – everyone could learn that one!

A little here and there maybe but far too many people are reliant on freefrom foods that don’t do them any good. Some suppliers are trying their best to make stuff that’s freefrom, tasty and good for us, but we need more to switch onto this idea, don’t we?

I gave a talk to a group of freefrom manufacturers not long ago to put this very plea. Some said afterwards they wanted to stand up and cheer me (whereas I expected stuff to be thrown at me!).  Most just said it would never happen as it wouldn’t be financially viable, which is such a shame when freefrom manufacturers are in a unique position to improve allergy rather than compound the issue. We can keep asking anyway and one day perhaps the tide will turn. We have come so far with better – albeit processed – choices; we just need health improvements in the food now to avoid the allergy, diabetes and heart disease epidemics we are in the middle of!

OK, rant over. Where did that come from?!

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  1. A well justified rant! What will break the cycle? The manufacturer’s response around financial viability is presumably about consumer demand – if that and shifts enough so they can see a buck in making the healthier options I’m sure they’ll change their tune. Keep with the rippling Micki!! 🙂

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