New #Gluten and #Gut Treatment Plans, New #Allergy Site and New Revamp. Phew!

Have you noticed the Truly Gluten Free site has had a facelift? I have now changed it to create a step-by-step guide to gluten illness which leads you straight through to the much-promised Barrier treatment Plan. Here’s what you now get on


On this site, I will guide you through:

  • how to recognise if your problem is related to gluten
  • what kind of gluten illness that might be
  • how to test effectively
  • why current tests and treatment are fundamentally flawed (in my opinion!)
  • understand what causes gluten illness and, importantly,
  • a step by step Barrier Plan for you to follow

All for free. I must be mad.

All you need to do is follow the green arrows at the bottom of each page and I will lead you through it in logical, painless steps.

Once you have read through the sections, you will then be able to download the Barrier Plan. For free. Yes, free. I am just TOO good to you!

The Barrier Plan

Here’s a quick summary of the aims so you get the idea. By doing the Barrier Plan, you will be able to:

  • Learn the difference between allergy and intolerance, then discover if you have either or both
  • Find out how to test effectively for allergies and intolerances and access the tests you need
  • Check for any digestive or absorption problems, then correct them if necessary
  • Discover how to test reliably for coeliac disease or other gluten related illness, and follow a truly gluten free lifestyle rather than the traditional gliadin-free, if needed
  • Confirm barrier breakdown, the main cause of allergy and auto-immunity, and understand and address the main factors that cause it
  • Follow a unique diet Plan designed to stop the barrier breakdown and help them re-heal
  • Speed the process of healing, re-nourish yourself, lower inflammation and reduce current or future risk of auto-immunity with the Barrier protocol
  • Monitor your progress effectively
  • Identify and correct the top additional conditions that could be hampering your healing process
  • Lower your current sensitivities, cross-reactions and stop any more developing
  • Get access to all the resources, tests and supplements you need to achieve success

I admit giving this away is a bit of a high risk business strategy! Obviously, I need to pay my mortgage and hope you will act on the advice I give in the Plan. That means you are likely to want to buy a couple of tests and test reports, purchase some supplements where I might get a bit of commission or could need a couple of extra guides, maybe.

Resources and Support

I have created a load of new documents to save you time and effort through the Plan and put them in a Resources area. This includes all the ebooks like Truly GlutenFree, TGF Breakfasts, Product Guides, How To Bring A Reaction Down, How To Test Your Stomach Acid and loads more.

There will also be the inevitable Plan updates (as manufacturers admit there IS something in that product after all.., new research changes things etc), special posts, reports and anything else I can think of to inspire, motivate and make things easier for you.

I know how hard this is to do alone. And I know you will have questions. I racked my brain to come up with a way of supporting you without killing myself in the process. So, I have created a FAQ and a Support Forum where you can moan/celebrate/chat/query me and other Barrier Planners whenever you need to.

All of these can be accessed by becoming a Member for a mere 65p a day. The forum etc is hosted on my new site (I couldn’t get it on the TGF one so had to be creative!).

Why a new site? well, I realised as I was developing the TGF plan that actually it is applicable to anyone with a sensitivity. The causes and therefore treatment are the same. But how would people find the help on TrulyGlutenFree unless they searched for ‘gluten’ on the t’interweb? A dilemma. Took me ages to work out what to do.

In the end, and even though it was a LOT more work, I designed and built the new site to house all the rapidly-expanding allergy stuff and keep it all in one place. Your specialist TGF site will keep going, obviously, so gluten/grain free people can find it too.

Here’s what you get on the AllergyandIntolerance site:

Bloated, windy, coeliac, gluten-sensitive, multiple food intolerant, feel worse after eating certain foods? Welcome to the club. Allergy and intolerance is a bit of a minefield so I have set up this site to guide you through:

  • how to recognise if your problem is related to food allergy, intolerance and/or gluten illness
  • how to test effectively
  • understand what causes allergy and intolerance
  • what other factors may be at play, eg candida/h pylori/lack of stomach acid/immune imbalance etc, and importantly
  • a step by step Gut Plan (for simpler cases) and step by step Barrier Plan (for more complex multiple sensitivity/gluten illness cases) for you to follow

All for free. I must be mad. Again.

The site works in the same way – guided through step by step. It will have additional sections like histamine intolerance, lectin sensitivity etc when I get a chance. I have already imported everything from TGF into the ‘The Truth About Gluten’ section and blog so anyone ending up there with a gluten problem gets the same info as on this site.

The Gut Plan

You will note that this site also gives an option of a Gut Plan rather than the Barrier Plan. This is for simpler cases rather than gluten and multiple intolerance ones which the Barrier Plan is for. Covering all the types of questions I get asked!

Here’s a quick summary of the Gut Plan aims for you:

  • Identify and sort out any stomach acid, pancreatic enzyme and malabsorption problems.
  •  Rule in or out coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity.
  •  Remove the most common allergens from your diet to help calm the gut, give it a chance to heal and identify any intolerance to them.
  •  Identify any other food intolerances by elimination and challenge and/or the correct testing methods.
  •  Complete an effective herbal bowel cleanse, a biochemical liver detox and re-balancing on bowel flora.
  •  Lower any symptoms.
  •  See if stress is a factor, and start steps to reduce it if it is.
  •  Learn how to massage your abdomen.
  •  Consider and address any deeper or additional factors that may be affecting your body’s ability to heal or be at the heart of your gut problems.
  • Get access to all the resources, tests and supplements you need to achieve it.

This one is based on the Detox Programme I have used successfully for years in-clinic (many of you Purehealth Clinic people will recognise it!)

New Era

So, there you have it: a new era has begun! It all needs prettying up and stuff but the basic mechanism is there now, I hope. I want to thank the lovely testers/readers who helped me through and who all kindly gave the Plans a resounding thumbs-up, sweetly telling me I could charge the earth for them.

I have chosen to give away 80% of everything for free instead. In this world, we should share our knowledge and experience more and this is my gift to you. (Of course, if I am bankrupt in a few months, that might have to change; I do still need to pay my mortgage!)

I have designed, written and built the whole lot myself so be gentle with me but do please tell me any things you spy that need correcting. I’m sure there will be tons as I have raced through in a bid to get the Plans out to you asap, as I promised. Apologies in advance for errors, typos and glitches; just alert me, please.

Go Get It!

Go have a look around then, download your Plans and hopefully see you in the forum as a Member when you’re ready.

Meantime, do let me know what you think – does it answer your needs/give you what you want? Is it clear? Do you like the new look/process? I hope so. And I wish you all success with it. It’ll be nice to go on the journey together!

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    1. Because you need a rest as much as me!! Thanks, and have a good one. Just needed to get it out there. HUGE sense of relief. And excitement. And nerves!

  1. that’s absolutely fab!!!! I think a lot people will be helped with this!!! I hope my crazy immune system will recover at some point, and will allow me to actually follow the plan too 😉
    Again, super well done!!

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