The Unhealthiest Drink In The World Award Goes To…

The Cold Stone PB&C packs a whopping 2,010 calories and has been dubbed the worst drink in the U.S.

A drink called the PB & C was recently voted the unhealthiest drink in the world.

PB & C stands for peanut butter and chocolate. One glass of PB & C contains 2,010 calories. To put that into perspective, doctors recommend that teenagers consume no more than 2,000 calories per day and guess who the drink is aimed at…?

One drink contains 153 grams of sugar – the same amount of sugar as 30 chocolate biscuits! And slurping just one is about the same as munching your way through 68 slices of bacon.

Yum, let’s all have one! P saw this in an online Hong Kong magazine he voices for one of his voice-over clients. There was also a story in the Daily Mail about it. Beggars belief. I feel sick thinking about it.

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