“Wouldn’t Give Up A Truly #Gluten Free Diet For Anything”

Just goes to show how a trulyglutenfree grain free diet can really help.

I received this message recently from F after reading the TGF ebook and who, at 65, is ‘running around like someone half her age’.

I have been working on the intolerance aspect for more than 30 years as I have suffered so many different aspects of ill health.  I too have worked my way through most of the grains on the gluten list to eventually find I am much healthier without any of them.  I suffered a year ago a really nasty bout of eczema which I had not experienced before and the only thing that prevented another eruption was the complete exclusion of all animal products including eggs.  

The common denominator it would appear to me to be grains containing gluten as all livestock at some time are fed grains.  In fact the skin on my hands is better than I can remember it being for many many years.  

I can see aspects of gluten problems in my family including my two daughter-in-laws but the response is that they cannot do what I do. Sad. I do not see it as deprivation but as a magic cure for the very diificult time I had.  

At 65 I feel really alive and well and can run around like someone half my age.  I would not give it up for anything.  

Note her sad realisation that, even though this is a genetic problem and she is pretty certain other members of her family (and family by marriage, thus reflecting the prevalence of 1 in 7 with gluten sensitivity) have the same issue, they choose convenience and illness over a grain free diet. I hear this an awful lot and it makes me – as well as F clearly – very sad. I know it’s a hard thing to do, believe me, but would you rather have future auto-immune disease and feel ill most of the time for the want of a convenience diet? I wouldn’t.

Good for you, F, keep at it!

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  1. I’m new in this, and haven’t started properly the diet yet as I haven’t managed to order the book yet to see what’s in waitting for me.Can’t wait to do so. I have notice that it’s not until people are fairly sick that they give an interest. I think that the best way is to let them know that we will be there to help them when they’ll beready for it.

    1. Good point. I always say you have to be ready before people start such life-changing stuff, but it is so hard sitting here knowing what is round the corner and it is usually a question of when the person is going to need to do something rather than if. Human nature when you are in the know is to want to get people to do something to stop themselves being ill, isn’t it?!

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