BBC Food Programme on FreeFrom

Did you catch the BBC Food Programme this week? Michelle from was on talking about the growth of the freefrom food market.

Quite a balanced piece but, as usual, we had the intimation that food intolerance is a silly, unimportant life-choice condition compared to allergy, which makes me so mad. Of course, anything that could give you anaphylactic shock is serious, but so is the fact that many people struggle though their daily lives trying to find things to eat that don’t make them feel ill. It is vastly under-recognised and under-diagnosed. Well done, Michelle, for actually making that point; it was nice to hear it said for once!

Have a listen on iPlayer while you can: BBC Food Programme, Freefrom Foods.

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  1. To be fair to the Beeb, leamuse, I don’t think there was any filtering there – no sponsors for a start as it was Beeb – merely the standard, main stream medic/dietetic (frustrating) approach…… However, Micki’s moan did set me off on a reprise of the problem – if you want to check it out it is on my blog.

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