Nutrition Courses – Which One?

Quite a few of you have been asking me recently how you might be able to learn more about nutrition for yourself and your friends/family. It’s a difficult question to answer as it depends what type of nutrition you want to learn (I know that sounds odd but, trust me, the courses all teach in different ways) but here is one recommendation for you.

When I trained, I was lucky to be part of the naturopathic nutrition course run by Dr Lawrence Plaskett (which took me 5 years to complete in total!). His courses gave plenty of scientific background (Dr Plaskett is a biochemist) but within a naturopathic medicine philosophy (he became a naturopathic physician later).

This way of looking at nutrition and how it can help the body is substantially different to most nutritional therapy practitioners today who have the benefit  of the science, but not the medical philosophy framework to put everything into context. That is changing, though, as we see more and more functional medicine practitioners who, to my mind, are getting back to the science and the old naturopathic principles combined, which is a good thing.

Anyway, I waffle. I have always found Nutrigold an excellent company because their supplement offering and education is based around naturopathic nutrition. Happily, they have recently launched a non-practitioner nutrition home-study course, which I think would be a fab grounding for anyone wanting to delve deeper into this subject. Add on 10 interactive webinars and you can get accreditation with the FNTP as an entry-level  nutrition adviser, so perfect for all you life coaches and personal trainers out there.

Check out details here: Nutrigold Nutrition & Health Course.

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