Rosehips May Reduce Heart Risk

Rose hips
Image by sarniebill1 via Flickr

A daily dose of rosehips can reduce the risk of heart disease by almost a fifth according to a piece in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph.

Overweight patients who drank a rosehip powder drink every day for six weeks, followed by six weeks of an apple and grape drink saw their blood pressure fall by 3.4%.    LDL bad cholesterol dropped by 6%.  It is estimated it would reduce the risk of heart disease in obese patients by 17%.

Research by Lund University  and published in the ‘European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.’

I think the amounts used in this albeit small study would be pretty high, but an extra cup of rosehip a tea a day is sounding like a good idea. Rosehip has always been an old-fashioned tonic/cold remedy with rosehip syrups being given aplenty in times gone by.


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