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As I was writing that last post about the stats for the first (almost) year, it struck me how important it is for us to be able to help each other and find others who need the expertise and knowledge we have built up. Can you help, do you think?

There are three ways to help spread the word and share our hard-won knowledge:


At the bottom of each post, you will now see Share buttons where you can let others know through your Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn etc accounts about any post you think people should see. Simply click on the relevant button and add it to your updates. You can also email it to anyone you thinks needs that info.

Comment and Chat:

Please feel free to add your views as that’s how we all learn and build our little TGF family. I moderate all comments so you can’t say anything daft and I try to answer all of them, but feel free to join in conversations if you have an idea or point to make that might help. I have a comment policy that removes anything likely to cause offence so be nice always (can’t imagine any of you being otherwise, but just in case someone naughty tries it on, it won’t wash!)

Thanks immediately go to the lovely people who regularly comment already. It’s always worth reading and subscribing to receive the comments on a particularly interesting post for you (see below how)  because we all have different views and experience and, by sharing them, we all learn more.

At the bottom of each post is ‘Leave A Comment’. All you need to do is click on that and a box comes up:

Leave a Reply

Enter your comment here…

Importantly, you can also click the box so you will get an email when someone comments back on that post. You can unsubscribe to this whenever you feel like it and you’re finished with that post.

 Like It:

At the bottom of each post, there is also a Like button. If you really liked the post, you can click that and tell me and others. Doesn’t go anywhere to tell anyone else but it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, so thank you!

Hope that helps. The TGF resolution for this year is to start raising awareness of the trulyglutenfree issue so others may find an answer to their own continuing health problems. Please help if you can; let’s get this family roadshow on the move!

Thanks, as always – strength in numbers and all that…

2 Replies to “Share, Chat and Comment”

  1. Great idea –
    I was wondering if somehow a place on the site could be made to list safe food items and where to buy them, 1 click and we could see where peolpe find it safe to buy dried fruits, nuts, flours, brands of safe, chocolate, apple juice, soya milks etc etc? I am fairly bad on computers so no idea how much work that would involve but happy to help if I can in anyway.

    1. Good idea, Caroline. At the moment, it is all in the blog and comments so use the search box to find them. I will try at some point to gather it all together. Anyone else need anything else specific? Can’t promise to provide it but if I know what you need, I can have a good go! Let’s have some more ideas of what would make life easier for us all…

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