Sainsbury’s Recall Lentils with #Gluten

Carolyn suspected weeks ago she was reacting to lentils and we thought it may be lectins and stopped them in case. We then asked Sainsbury’s about the fact they have removed ‘gluten free’ from the label – see the post about that here.

Lo and behold, Sainsbury’s have now recalled some of their lentils so it looks like Carolyn was right – another example of trusting the body’s reaction rather than whatever anyone says!

The product affected is:

  • Sainsbury’s Lentilles Vertes, 500g
  • All ‘best before’ dates between October 2012 and February 2013

Check the recall notice here for more info:

4 Replies to “Sainsbury’s Recall Lentils with #Gluten”

  1. Would washing said lentils work? I always wash them anyway, they’re usually filthy! Guess you can’t guarantee even then that you’ve got rid of all the wheat.

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