Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownies

Yes, that is their actual name! The lovely people at Elements for Life kindly sent me a brownie to try. On paper, they look extremely good for you and I wanted to see if the taste lived up to the ingredients list. I am pleased to say it did.

If you haven’t had raw chocolate before, it is likely to taste very strong, but, as we know, the stronger the chocolate, the more cocoa solids in it and the higer the antioxidant score. Did you know raw chocolate is, well, choc-full of antioxidants and has a very high ORAC score (what they measure antioxidant levels in), so actually having a little in your diet is a good thing? Honest.

So, how did it taste? For me: very rich (half a one of these would satisfy any choccie cravings), with a distinctive, almost sharp tang which I assume comes from the Goji berries as they pack a powerful punch on their own. I liked them anyway, and wouldn’t it be literally a treat to have something that tastes chocolatey and yummy that is actually pretty good for you in small amounts (if you ignore the calorie count) that you haven’t had to make yourself?

The brownies have just won a Taste of the West Awards and FreeFromFoodsmatter.com rated them too so see here for their review. They cost £5 for three from the Elements For Life webshop, but, as I say, I reckon you could stretch that to six servings if you were had more mini treats.

Here, then, is the full ingredients list for you to check:

95% Raw Ingredients

  • Cacao Powder (raw)*
  • Cacao Butter (raw)*
  • Cacao Nibs (raw)*
  • Dates (raw)* (not coated in rice flour, I am assured for those of you truly gluten free)
  • Raisins (raw)*
  • Goji Berries (raw)
  • Walnuts (raw)*
  • Brazil Nuts (raw)*
  • Sweet Freedom Low GI Fruit Sweetener (Apple, Grape and Carob)
  • Vanilla (raw) *
  • Himalayan Rock Salt (raw)

* Grown to ecological standards & agro chemical free or certified organic

Have a treat! 

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  1. Carolyn wrote in to say she asked them about soya and cross-contamination and here is their reply:

    To the best of our knowledge Yummy Scrummy does not contain any soya in the ingredients, details of which can be seen at http://www.elementsforlife.co.uk/yummy-scrummy-raw-chocolate-brownie

    We cannot guarantee zero risk of cross-contamination as the premises that it’s produced in does also also handle wheat, dairy and soya. However the production area is cleaned before and after each batch is made and ingredients are kept separate from other items.

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