Appointment Times & Email Support

Just to let you know appointment times will now be 10am-8pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. Hopefully the later times will mean those of you who work full-time can do evenings instead of Saturdays.

Don’t forget, too, that email support between appointments is available for you – I simply charge for the time taken on casework at the same rate as usual unless it’s a simple query and I don’t have to look at your notes.

Please try to keep emails to a minimum if you can as I get hundreds every day. I would always rather you checked things and sought reassurance when needed and I am more than happy to help, of course, but if you need to discuss complex issues, or lots of things, please book a review time in the diary when my head will be on your case and not have 101 other things in it!

Thanks ever so, and I hope that all works for you.

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