GastroCleanse and Colon Support Alternative

Due to new EU herbal regulations, Nutrigold’s Colon Support is currently being reformulated – and the ARG GastroCleanse I recommended instead has also just disappeared! Aargh.

Please use Archturus Loosemore (2-6 per day, contains licorice rather than lobelia but the site is yet to change) and Psyllium Husk caps(1-4 per day) instead. This will approximate the original formula of Colon Support.

If you are ok with citrus, a better prebiotic than psyllium husks, as it is more gut-healing, would be Kirkman’s Pre-Bio Fiber at 1-2 heaped teaspoons per day.

You can get those as normal via Natural Dispensary. Always check the ingredients and with me first if any queries.

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