Fave #Gluten Free Sausage Recipes Needed!

Speaking to Sheepdrove Farm, the suppliers of our grass-fed meat, I was moaning about not having truly gluten free sausages. So, they have said they will make some especially for us if we let them know what we fancy! How nice is that?

I know we can make sausages ourselves but isn’t it nice sometimes to just be able to get stuff out of the freezer? The gluten free sausages currently available are great, but are made from grain-fed pork so not suitable for a TGF diet. What we need are 100% grass-fed beef and lamb sausages in our favourite flavours.

Sheepdrove say they can do minimum orders of 12 for us, and can use lamb casings rather than pork to make them suitable. This would make them rather smaller in size apparently but who cares; it’s a sausage all the same even if it is a chipolata.

So, let me have any sausage recipes please to pass on and we will see if we can get them made.

Best thing is: if it is proper meat and none of yer rubbish hidden in it like normal sausages, they are actually pretty good for you so we would have none of the usual unhealthiness associated with sausage meals.

Sausage and mash, sausage and bean casserole, sausage quinoa bake, easy snack sausage…. what else can you think of? (Can you tell it is gone 7pm and I haven’t had my tea yet..?)

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