#Osteoporosis Early Diagnosis Test

June is National Osteoporosis Month apparently. This condition is a silent disease and creeps up on us without us really being aware anything is wrong. The best approach is early diagnosis and prevention.

By the time you have a DEXA scan because there is a suspicion, the problem is often quite advanced. Instead, I ask people over 40 to do a urine bone marker test every couple of years.

This looks for bone breakdown markers being released, which means you can tell if you are breaking down bone more than you should be MUCH earlier than a problem would show on a DEXA scan. If the markers are found, you can then put a protocol in place to stop and hopefully reverse it.

Osteoporosis is SO preventable – if we would only take steps to look early enough and act on the information gained.

Check here for lots of official info from the National Osteoporosis Society and here, here and here for posts on this subject.



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