New Soya Yogurts

Check out the new green tea and apple, and lime and lemon balm soya yogurts from Provamel. Agree with FM that the health benefits of the extracts would be questionable but the flavours do sound nice for a change.

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  1. I’ve had soya yoghurts in the past and I have to agree I find them very tasty but I’ve been told to stay clear of soya – I did find after a few weeks I was feeling very spaced out and shaky – I was drinking the milk too and once I stopped I was fine – not a nice feeling.

    1. Yes, Janet, regrettably soya is a comon allergen, but for those who can have it, a soya yogurt can be a real bonus. Try coconut or other milk yogurt instead although you’ll have to make that as I don’t know of any suppliers yet. There’s a market niche that needs to be filled if there are any manufacturers reading!

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