TGF Recipe Book Started

Hoorah! Today, I finally started to collate all the zillions of bits of paper and food ideas I’ve collected over the past few months for the trulyglutenfree recipe book.

A massive job, but I actually began writing the first draft today as I got so excited when I saw all the different choices. Who says a grain free diet has to be borning? It so doesn’t have to be. Sure, it takes a bit of thought, planning and more cooking, but it is essentially a really healthy diet for anyone. And, in my opinion, what we were designed to eat. As a species, if you like, we have strayed so far from the diet we evolved with, it really is no wonder to me that I see so many poorly people whose problems come down to what they are eating.

Anyway, I thought I would let you know the recipe book is on its way as so many of you are clamouring for it and also so, at this stage, you can give me any burning questions or recipes you really need. Let me know so I can get it covered if I can.

Recipes I wrote up today to whet your appetite:

French Toast with coconut cream and berries for breakfast

Baked Custards for anytime

Yorkshire Pudding

Apple Pancakes

Paprika Cod with Spinach Mash

Thai Beef Stirfry

Spicy Prawn Casserole

DIY Coconut, Soya or Almond Milk Yogurt

Mexican Wraps

Instead of chocolate Easter eggs this time, I also tried my hand at making an almond flour chocolate cake. Tasted fab. Bit sweet, I shall ease off on the buttercream next time, but nice to know recipes for special occasions work when you need them.

I’ll keep you posted. Meantime, don’t forget to let me know what you need and I will do my best to uncover an answer or recipe. And, if you have favourite recipes yourself, send them in and we can post them as guest recipes.

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    1. Will do, thanks Michelle. I just had some broken-up date and cranberry almond bar for breakfast with fruit and yogurt. Yummy!

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