Biocare Product Changes

As the new herbal regulations start to bite, I have started to receive many product changes (thanks, more work to do!). Biocare have sent a list this morning of products that will be delisted in April but are still available for now if you need some so get in quick. Of course, most products will be replaced or changed and I will be able to advise as we go along.

For now, here is the list of delisted products (note the popular Milk Thistle, Milk Thistle Complex and Psyllium Plus!)

If you wish to buy the classic products, stock will be available from BioCare® until 30th April.

1. Rhodiola
2. St John’s Wort
3. Agnus Castus Plus
4. Echinacea Complex

5. Mexican Wild Yam
6. Pau d’Arco
7. Artemisia Plus
8. Barberry Plus
9. Wormwood & Barberry Plus
10. White Willow Plus
11. Boswellia Plus
12. Ginger Forte
13. Milk Thistle
14. Milk Thistle Plus Tea
15. Artichoke Plus
16. Milk Thistle Complex

There will happily be some new products along shortly too and I will let you know about these as they become available. Meantime, Natural Dispensary are bound to have stocks in so you can get what you need there as usual. If not, try Biocare direct and please use my code ROS1091 if you wish me to get any commission. Thank you.

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