Fish Controls Alzheimer’s Gene

A great post from WDDTY reports that fish and fish oils have been found to counteract the APOE4 gene found in half of Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Prof Daniel Michaelson of Tel Aviv University identified the APOE gene as a major cause of Alzheimer’s.  One variation of the gene, APOE4, kills brain neurons, but Michaelson and his team has discovered that omega-3 fish oils counteract the worst effects of APOE4, rendering them harmless.
(Source: American Friends of Tel Aviv University, February 15, 2011).
See the full WDDTY post here. For other posts on the importance of B vitamins in Alzheimer’s, see here and here.

2 Replies to “Fish Controls Alzheimer’s Gene”

    1. Not all on the same plate, I hope! Perhaps you could do a coco-choco-fish morning smoothie. Ugh!

      Seriously, just shows that eating a healthy, varied diet is the best choice for preventing ageing and degenerative disease. I’m sure scientists will continue to discover these gene-altering foods for years to come. Meantime, we need to hedge our bets and eats lots of different foods on the basis that they are probably helpful even if the scientists haven’t got it on paper yet.

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