Natural Dispensary Ordering Update

A couple of news items from Natural Dispensary. As well as working on a new website to launch in January, happily, they have just instigated a new policy of getting items to you within 2 days wherever possible and sending out of stock items later on:

“We have changed our policy in terms of out of stock items: we will now send out everything on an order that we have in stock and then follow anything else on, the only exception to this would be if we knew that a product was going to arrive the day following the order. This should mean that the longest delay from ordering to receipt will be 2 days.”  

This is the system I used to use when we did the supplying, and it works well.

They also ask us to bear in mind that many of the natural health suppliers like Nutri, Nutrigold, Biocare, AOR etc are going through massive changes and having to reformulate products because of the upcoming EU laws governing what you will be able to buy. (See my post I Am Going Out Of Business for more on this – I need your help if you still want me to be around in a year’s time!!)

From an ordering point of view, all this change means that there is a delay in some products coming back into stock after reformulation. (This creates lots more work for me at the moment too as I have to keep checking for changes and finding alternatives if I don’t like them!) I have asked ND to try to let us know if there will be long term stock issues on anything so I can advise you to get an alternative wherever possible. Always check with me if something is taking time to come and I will help you sort it rather than waste time with your prescription programme being incomplete.

Finally, a couple of you have asked if you need to give my name each time you order on the phone or online. With ND, once you have registered – when it is compulsory to say who your practitoner is – you don’t need to do it again. With others like Nutricentre etc, you do need to keep giving it, please, if you want me to get paid for my work!

In fact, I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for using the suppliers I give you. I do make a small amount of commission which helps to offset the hours I spend everyday answering your queries and working out your very complicated prescriptions  where a lot of my colleagues would make an extra charge! Of course, I will only recommend suppliers I know and trust too; I am not in this for the money or I would have stayed in PR all those years ago! Thanks again for your continued support.

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