I Am Going Out Of Business

Aha – got your attention! Read this – it’s important…

Imagine this scenario: in 2012, you go to your healthfood shop to buy your normal multivitamin and mineral. The one you usually buy is no longer there and instead there is a low-dose version made by a pharmaceutical company. You can’t find the herbal remedy the usually use for your IBS and neither can you get the B6 you normally take for your mood and PMS. Anything that is remotely therapeutic for you has gone and all you can find are low dose, non-complex supplements and remedies.

You ask at the counter for advice and they say they can’t help you because they are not allowed to make any claims for the products they sell. You ask if they can recommend a practitioner you can see and they say that there aren’t any as they have all gone out of business. You ask what you are supposed to do about your general health/IBS/PMT/Mood and they say go and see your GP for a prescription drug.

Frightening isn’t it? And this is no joke. Unfortunately.

Our choices for having access to nutritional medicine, supplements that have enough in them to do any real good and natural remedies are about to be seriously restricted. There is a superb report all about this in this month’s What Doctors Don’t Tell You, which makes salutary reading. Even made me gulp and I know all about it already!

In two years’ time, four new Europe-wide laws are due to come in that will restrict our choices dramatically.

In essence, anything that is likely to be therapeutic will be restricted. This means that most nutritional therapy practitioners, herbalists and other therapists will go out of business (because they won’t any longer be able to apply effective treatment due to the unavailability of useful remedies), you will only be able to buy low-dose supplements and remedies with no information on them so you won’t be able to make an educated and informed choice (very few health claims will be allowed) and may only be able to get useful stuff via a GP who doesn’t have a knowledge of natural therapy and probably doesn’t agree with it anyway.

Everyone in the industry accepts that there should be regulation and safety controls, of course, and when this process started out it was on very sensible and acceptable grounds. But it has changed significantly since then and, even though the UK is asking for a dampening-down of rules which will, in effect, pretty much destroy a vital industry and restrict patient choices, we seem to be fighting a losing battle against the rest of Europe. In fact, the United Nations are thought to be watching very carefully what happens in Europe over this and, if there is not a massive protest, they are likely to follow suit across the world. I cannot imagine the damage that will cause.

Quite apart from the loss of freedom of choice and being dictated to about what I can and cannot do, I, for one, would not want to be dependent on large conglomerates (as independents won’t be able to afford the trials to get product licences and will go out of business), pharmaceutical companies (because they will be able to afford it and will no doubt licence natural remedies as drugs – the first one based on fish oil has already been launched!) and GPs (who are not trained in this field of medicine so will not recommend it).

I would prefer to rely on practitioners who have had years of training and clinical experience using natural remedies with hundreds/thousands of years of  safe use behind them and a massive amount of evidential and orthodox research backing them up. It’s stupid, as far as I can see, for example, that despite tons of properly-conducted research, manufacturers will no longer be able to sell sulphur (eg MSM in your glucosamine products) or say that glucosamine itself  can help ease your joints. They can’t even say probiotics are good for you.

I’m all for safety, but you only have to see the number of deaths from natural medicine (extremely rare) and compare that to the number of so-called iatrogenic deaths (caused by medical treatment) to know that a choice should exist.

PLEASE make a stand. Visit the Alliance for Natural Health if you value freedom of choice in healthcare and take some action. So far there is no real protest and this WILL go through, even though many people don’t believe it will simply because it is so draconian to be believable. Make no mistake – it is happening.

Meantime, here are some of the actions they suggest you can take as an individual:

“Action Steps

Many of you have also been asking us what you can do as individuals, so here are a few ideas to help you be proactive, but please feel free to be creative and come up with ideas of your own.…And never underestimate what can be achieved with people-power

  • Use our simple templates to email/write to your MP/MEP with your concerns about decreasing access to natural health products
  • Sign our petition regarding the unfair restrictions on vitamin and mineral levels, and encourage others to do so
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Become a friend on Facebook and invite your friends to do the same 
  • Email us to share links 
  • Download our banner onto your website
  • Forward our eBlasts and links to any sites, bloggers, and other interested parties – pass on the knowledge you have as widely as possible
  • Donate to the campaign. We welcome any size of donation – they all add up when there are lots of them and we can’t do this without you!”

Gulp indeed!

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