Nobel Scientist Has Evidence For Homeopathy

I read in this week’s WDDTY that Prof Luc Montagnier, a French virologist, has reported evidence that could expain how homeopathy actually works. The source of the story came from The Times and British Medical Association. This Prof is the one who first made the link between AIDs and HIV so his pedigree is a good one.

Testing whether water has a memory, according to the WDDTY report, he found evidence for the dilution basis of homeopathic medicine:

“Montagnier has discovered that solutions containing the DNA of viruses and bacteria “could emit low frequency radio waves”. These waves influence molecules around them, and turn them into organised structures. These molecules in turn can emit waves. He has discovered that the waves remain in the water, even after it has been diluted many times.”

In other words, evidence that diluted substances do have actual properties, which is how homeopathic remedies are made. Fascinating. Go here to read the full report:

One in the eye for the homeopathic detractors, methinks…

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