Mag Lipotrope Complex Stock Problems

Just a quickie to let you know that Nutrigold are having problems supplying Magnesium Lipotrope Complex because the manufacturer is reformulating. But, Archturus in Scotland make the same product so order Choline & Inositol Formula 2 from them instead in the meantime. The capsules are smaller so you need to take double the number you usually take to get the same dosage of the Nutrigold version.

In fact, Archturus does a lot of the main formulas the same as Nutrigold (historically Archturus made them first as they were formulated for Prof Lawrence Plaskett by them originally and then Nutrigold also introduced them) so if you have trouble with Nutrigold items, use Archturus instead anytime.

Their number is 01592 620865, please give my name, Micki Rose, when you order. Thanks.

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