Vote For Women’s Environmental Network

Please vote for the Women’s Environmental Network. I received this missive from one of my contacts:

‘Could you consider clicking the box to vote for Womens Environmental Network on the website below.  They have the fewest votes but they do good work – publicising that breast cancer can be caused by toxic chemicals, fighting against toxic chemicals added to beauty products etc.  Just click on the website below.  It only takes a minute.’

Vote for WEN

“Vote for us!  This summer The Body Shop is donating £20,000 to three UK charities. Women’s Environmental Network has the chance to secure a portion of the donation, but we need your help! Please vote for us and help support our work this year.

In fact, just as I was writing this post, this came in from NHP Enews:

A recent study has shown that butyl benzyl phthalate, or BBP, a chemical found in lipstick and nail varnish may interfere with the healthy development of breast tissue.  BBP is a man-made substance that accumulates in fat tissue and which is part of a group of chemicals that mimic the female hormone oestrogen.  The concern has been so great that they have been banned in teething rings and babies’ dummies across Europe.  The Women’s Environmental Network is campaigning to have them removed from all cosmetics on sale in Britain. NHP Enews. June 10

 Even more reason to give them some support.