Free Online/Phone Fertility Experts

One of the issues I really want to get into even more is preconception care and fertility treatment. Why? Because I see many people struggling to conceive, sadly not being able to carry babies to term and having babies who ultimately get health problems like eczema. Much of this, thankfully, is preventable.

For years I have advocated a four month preconception programme which has worked several times (much like the Foresight programme who I am thinking of joining as a therapist when I get the chance). Anyway, I have just heard about a free fertility teleseminar which you can access via your computer or phone and listen to several experts giving their advice about fertility issues. You simply listen online or via your phone live whilst they give a presentation, and you can ask questions or hide as you like.

Not sure if it will be any good, but I know a few of you really want to address this issue and the more we can all learn about the subject, the better. I plan to collate the info if I get chance into a report for you, alongside other info I already have, so if you don’t get a chance to join the seminar, I will hopefully be able to provide you with info soon on the website etc.

Go to to sign up for free. It will give you the option to purchase a ‘golden ticket’ with access to recordings and other resources but that’s up to you if you take it up.

Hope you find it useful.

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