Breakfast Crispy Rice

After all these years of looking after everyone else, I have recently discovered the heart of many of my own health problems is that I have been an undiagnosed coeliac! I knew I couldn’t tolerate most grains, but didn’t know I actually had coeliac disease. (In fact, I have gluten and grain intolerance as well which makes me doubly-sensitive – joy! I shall have to work on myself a bit more and sort it out…)

Why am I telling you this? Well, because I was merrily munching on rice krispies and rice milk when I was hungry (I know, not the most healthy thing I could have chosen but sometimes you grab stuff as you know – I am only as human as you!!) I suddenly noticed they have barley malt in them – a gluten grain. I knocked them out of my diet and, voila, a lot better health and energy. Could gluten be at the heart of any of your problems…?

But what to do when you fancy a bowl of rice krisipes for breakfast or as a snack? Not being able to have oats or most other grains makes this a bit difficult and you get fed up of WF toast sometimes! Anyway, I have found two alternatives. For ultra-healthy, try Rude Health Puffed Rice, which is just 100% rice, er, puffed. Or, for a not-so healthy treat, try Nature’s Path Crispy Rice (see what they’ve done there?!) which I found in Tesco. This is rice again but with some sugar, salt and molasses.

Let’s face it, this type of cereal is a bit more expensive so I tend to bulk it out to make it go further. I add a sprinkle of mixed seeds, a handful of nuts (cashews, brazils, almonds, hazelnuts), a chopped banana or other fruit and find that is a really satisfying breakfast, lunch or snack, depending on what time I have. Try it – even if you’re not coeliac, it’s healthy for you.

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