New Factsheet: Glaucoma

Thanks to Anne, who prompted me to investigate this subject, I have now written the first of my new series of Purehealth Factsheets and it is on the eshop ready for download.

I don’t get asked about glaucoma very often and imagine that’s because many people are simply unaware of it. If I told you that around 70 million people worldwide have it, that 2 out of every 100 of us over forty are likely to get it, and that it is the biggest reason why people register as blind in the UK, you’d sit up and notice, wouldn’t you? I certainly did.

You’re not likely to notice anything going wrong with glaucoma until a problem exists and your optician alerts you, which is why regular eye tests are a good idea for a start. In this Factsheet, I have looked into what happens to the eyes, why, what we might be able to do to spot our own risk and how prevent it occurring or any further damage being done. Could be the best fiver you ever spent…go to

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