Vitamin Mix Gives Cancer Patients Extra Time

Terminal cancer patients who take a daily dose of vitamin supplements could extend their lives by 2 years or even longer, claim researchers.  The results showed an average increase in survival of 40% more than the expected survival time. 

Dr. Bob Lister, co-author of the study by British and Danish researchers, said the results were similar to survival gains from new drugs and in some cases better.   The important difference was there were no side-effects among patients on the vitamins.  Dr. Lister, chair of the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition at London Metropolitan University said he believes these results are meaninful and that cancer patients constantly ask how to have a better quality of life.   He said the supplements are extremely safe.  The study followed sufferers of breast, lung, brain, colon and other types of cancer during for up to 15 years.

Patients were given a mix of CoQ10, Vitamin E, selenium, fish oils, B vitamins, beta carotene and Vitamin A amongst others.  Looking at it, some of it is very low dose and I reckon they would have even better results had they increased doses of some of the others, but that’s just a thought. However, my guess would be it is the useful levels of CoQ10 (300mg) and selenium (487mcg)  they were given that were most effective.  The full report including the full list of supplements is published in Journal of International Medical Research here:

Based on a report in the  Daily Mail 16th Feb 2010 by Jenny Hope. Source SPNT E Alert Feb 17 2010.

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