Beat Childhood Obesity in Just 15 Minutes

I couldn’t resist including this given the fact I’ve just wittered on and on about how 10 minutes’ exercise a day can really make a difference. And then I saw this yesterday…please note especially the last few words:

 “With many children no longer taking part in competitive sports at school, and with the prevalence of computer games and hours in front of the TV, obesity is becoming a very real problem.  In December 08, the National Child Measurement Programme (, which measures the weight of children in reception class (4-5 year olds) and Year 6 (10 -11 year olds) found that nearly one in four of reception-aged children were overweight or obese, and nearly one in three in Year 6.

 However, according to a study by Bristol University, just 15 minutes of extra activity per day can cut the risk of developing obesity by more than half in boys and at least 40 per cent in girls.  Whilst we know that diet is important, this research tells us that we mustn’t forget about exercise, as even small amounts can have dramatic results.


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