Rubbish Supermarket Fruit

Is it just me or has most of the fruit you’ve bought this Summer from supermarkets been pretty tasteless or too hard to eat? It gets on my nerves. Picked too early, ‘ripened’ artificially or left to ‘ripen in the bowl’ (ha!), stored for months etc really isn’t conducive to us getting tasty, ripe nutritious fruit. In a fit of pique, I thought I’d try M&S (after all it’s not just fruit, but M&S fruit, I thank you!) and the fact that they were all half price must have helped too. What a revelation! Their fruit is actually edible, tastes yummy and, OK, even half price at M&S is still pretty expensive, but I’d rather have fruit I can eat than throw away. Now all we have to do is to encourage them to go organic and we’re away! Obviously I would prefer to get it locally, but I would say this comes a good second when you’ve got the fruit munchies.

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