Thyroid & Adrenals

Many of you were interested in the piece I wrote about thyroid health recently so I thought I’d mention a bit of a trend I’m noticing with patients. There seem to be quite a few people who have an underactive thyroid (either diagnosed with blood test or basal temperature test) who are having great difficulty picking it up despite thyroxine or natural help such as tyrosine. In these cases, I have started to routinely test for adrenal health. The adrenals (glands that control hormone release such as insulin, oestrogen, testosterone, cortisol etc that sit on your kidneys) are intimately related to whatever the thyroid is up to. I am finding often that people have very flat adrenal function (especially if you have been under long-term or acute stress) and that the thyroid won’t pick up until the adrenals do. So, if you’re having problems revving up your thyroid (even if blood levels seem OK but you still feel shattered/cold/constipated/low all the time), then it might be worth contacting me to arrange an adrenal test. This is done with 4 saliva samples from home and costs £70.  Could save you a lot of time and feeling rubbish.

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