New Easy Snack Delivery Company

Thanks to Pam who told me about this great new snack delivery system; I thought I’d pass it on for the rest of you to consider – anything that makes it easier to eat healthily gets my vote! Called ‘Graze’ to encourage people to graze through the day eating healthy foods, this company offers a list of different snack foods which they then put into a box for £2.99 including delivery. You can choose from fresh fruit, dried fruit, nut and seed mixes, crackers, ‘natural’ sweet treats and olives. The box fits through the normal letterbox and you simply take it to work with you the next day. Simple. Have to say for those of you who are less than organised, it could be a winner, but in reality, it’s much cheaper to buy the stuff yourself and make your own box. Use the site for ideas or for when you’re feeling like you need a bit of help!

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