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Sounds yummy when you say it like that, doesn’t it?! I had a brainwave the other day about how to save money on expensive breakfast cereals. There are quite a few really good, but pretty dear cereals around. I like Eat Natural breakfast cereal, for example, but it would only last a week or so if I had just that in my bowl. So, how about having half a bowl of cheaper cereal (I use rice krispies mostly) topped with a generous sprinkle of your more expensive one and then some fruit? I find it works really well. Also, you can do this to lower calories or fat content. I don’t think rice krispies are particularly good for you, but the topping is and if it means you continue to eat more of the healthy stuff, then it’s worth doing.

A couple more recipes and tips for you:

Tip 1. What the heck do you do with half a tin of chickpeas or cannellini beans? Try adding them to a tray of roasted veg – they give it a lovely flavour.

Tip 2. Want to sprinkle something sweet on your cereal, in your cuppa or use in baking? Try Perfect Sweet, a xylitol sweetener made from birch. You can get it in the supermarkets. It’s very sweet so you don’t need much, low GL so won’t affect your blood sugar as much, and yeast can’t feed on it so great if you’re on a yeast-free diet.

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