The End Of The Line For Tuna?

This is a useful bit of advice on the tuna stories doing the rounds at the moment, from the makers of Fish 4 Ever, the only tinned fish company we recommend. (I have edited this a bit as it didn’t really make sense, but hopefully I’ve kept the general gist!)

“The film The End of the Line is receiving a lot of publicity.  Author Charles Clover is a noted and respected environmental expert.  He has endorsed our product – his comment is on our website.  So have Greenpeace, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and many other noted environmentalists.  In seafood circles we are a well respected authority on tuna.

BUT the media gets it wrong very easily so you there is a lot of confusion from shops and consumers. For example, apparently on Radio 4, one interviewee said “just don’t eat tuna” and the other said “skipjack is the rat of the sea, there’s plenty of it.”    Both are wrong, the “don’t eat tuna”  applies to bluefin tuna which is posh sushi tuna you will not find in most places unless you go to £100 sushi restaurants – it’s like caviar, it is very endangered and you should not eat it – but probably don’t anyway.

All other tunas are in a “be careful about what you choose” category. There are critical conservation and social issues with yellowfin (used in tinned, fresh steaks and sushi), skipjack (tins) and big-eye (sushi mostly). With Skipjack, there may be plenty of it, but it’s not okay because the main skipjack fishing method heavily damages the stocks of other tuna and causes many other problems. All these facts are on our website and also in the ‘hidden cost of canned tuna’ brochure we published last year.”

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