France Bans Mobile Use In Primary Schools

After a six-week review of mobile and wi-fi radiation, the French government recently announced their decision to take some strongly precautionary measures, especially in schools with young children. Although campaigners who wanted the measures to go further walked out of the talks, the government has chosen to implement an outright ban of mobile phones in primary schools and now require operators to provide ‘stripped down’ handsets only capable of texting or without a loudspeaker. There is a rising level of public concern in the country about the dangers inherent in mobile phones, masts and wi-fi and the campaigners wanted a ban on mobile phones for children up to 14, who are considered more vulnerable, and more to be done to control the location and power of masts, again especially near children.  I couldn’t agree more and am getting increasingly concerned about the prevalence of what is, let’s face it, new technology without long-term safety studies. We ARE the long term study! British government please take note. Source: Powerwatch May 09.

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