New Food Items at Goodness

I always have a good look at the new Goodness Foods trade catalogue when it comes in and drool at all the lovely new things. Here’s my pick of the best this month. To order, simply click HERE and then click on the goodness link to have a good look and buy whatever you fancy.

For your Summer freezer, I notice some new natural fruit ice lollies and pops by Bensons and Fruit. Also, the wonderful Stuff in a Tub Chocolate ice cream is now being stocked in small tubs for a tiny treat. If you remember the Booja Booja Stuff in a Tub is made simply from cashew nuts, agave syrup and reverse osmosis filtered water with the natural flavouring (chocolate in this case, but I like the maple and pecan!). It is low GL, dairy, gluten, sugar, cholesterol and soya free so you can enjoy it without the guilt! It tastes divine. Nuff said.

There are two new Fish 4 Ever products. These are the ‘tinned’ fish I use – a world apart from other stuff. Smoked kippers in organic sunflower oil or sustainably fished yellow fin tuna in organic olive oil. You’ll pay a little more, but I defy you to not to love it.

If you’re forever on the look-out for ‘healthy’ chocolate, this has to be it: the Raw Chocolate Company has brought out 3 new flavours – natural, minted and lavish (orange). They are all sweetened with low Gl xylitol so good for your teeth and blood sugar with just raw chocolate and the flavour. Has to be said: they are expensive, but at the price you won’t be tempted to over-indulge, so every cloud and all that…!

Finally on my chocolate-themed round-up. I see Rice milk is now coming in chocolate flavour so great for little dairy free ones (or big ones, of course!)

Offers this month include Cauldron Tofu (12.5% off), Provamel Yofu Desserts (third off), Fruitus and Seven Seed snacks (15% off), Green People suncare range (15% off) and Ecover Laundry stuff (15% off). Every little helps etc etc..

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