Get Wrapping!

I recently read that you can now get wraps made from soya beans – a bit like the rice pancakes I’ve talked about before. A good high protein, low GL alternative to flour tortillas that are easy to eat and very portable. You can get them from http://www.japanese Beware, though – they come as a variety of flavours in the pack and I noticed that the original and sesame versions have wheat in them, but the rest don’t. Just wrap whatever you want to eat as a sandwich in these instead. Miles better for you.


Whilst I’m at it, remember there are other great ways of making wraps too, without having to resort to tortillas. These will also work well: a thin omelette, rice pancakes, lettuce leaves, cabbage leaves, banana leaves, seaweed (nori) sheets or make your own using a wheat-free flour recipe. You could make a selection to get great nutrition and taste.  Here’s one of my favourite recipes for a wrap:


Use any of the above wrap ideas and pile prawns, a bit of mayo or sweet chilli sauce and some avocado in the middle. Simply wrap up and eat as you would any sandwich. Or, how about bits of organic chicken or turkey and mango chutney, a simple egg mayo or hummus, rocket and a few sundried tomatoes? Anything you would normally put in a sandwich (except sweet things, of course – lettuce and jam – yuk!) will go nicely in a wrap and they’re often quicker to make. If I am tempted very occasionally into a Chinese restaurant to have Crispy Duck, I always ask for lettuce to make the wraps with rather than the flour ones – they’re not fazed; that’s often how they eat it…

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