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Breast Cancer UK is a charity that fights to inform people about chemicals being one of the major causes of the rise in breast cancer. I received this from them recently, so pass it on in case you find it useful. I certainly believe chemicals could have an awful lot to do with not just breast cancer, but the cancer epidemic we find ourselves with.  Have a read…


“Our ‘No More Breast Cancer’ campaign is becoming more widely known.  We hope that you will pass on information about our work and direct people to our new website at   Please check it out. 


According to the Office of National Statistics’ latest figures, the number of new diagnoses of breast cancer in the UK has risen again and now affects over 45,000 UK women per year.  Since 1993 the average age of women diagnosed with breast cancer is 50-54, although the Government continue to designate breast cancer as a disease of ‘old age’.  We want the Government to reduce our exposure to hazardous chemicals in our environment and in everyday products that are linked with breast cancer. 


Regardless of these depressing statistics and our pressure on the Government to acknowledge hazardous chemicals as a risk factor in breast cancer its response this year has been consistently disappointing.  When we queried why hazardous chemicals had not been included in their Cancer Reform Strategy the reply was the same one they have always given over the last decade:  they don’t believe there is enough scientific evidence.  Also the online Downing Street Prevent cancer petition received exactly the same response. This is regardless of the work other countries such as New Zealand, the US, Canada, and the EU are already doing to reduce the exposure of their citizens to potentially harmful chemicals.


Our basic recommendation for 2009, to kick-start the process of change towards reducing the incidence of breast cancer, is for Government to acknowledge breast cancer as a major public health issue and to agree to reduce our exposure to those CARCINOGENS and ENDOCRINE- DISTRUPTING CHEMICALS that have been scientifically linked to the disease.


If you are as fed up as we are with the Government’s continuing apathy, please consider our new Action Alert. You can use our form letter to write to your MP  asking what they and their Party intend to do to prevent breast cancer, should they be voted in at the next General Election.


FROM: Clare Dimmer, No More Breast Cancer campaign, Breast Cancer UK, B.M. Box 7767, London, WC1N 3XX 0845 680 1322  [Reg. Charity No: 1088047]


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