Online Home Study Weight Loss Course

Many of you have asked me in the past to set up a weekly weight management meeting (like Weight watchers etc), so you can have weekly support and motivation. But now I’ve gone one better! I will shortly launch a modular home study weight loss course online so you can do it wherever you are and with my support as and when you need it.


The course will have several modules that you read through at your own pace. It is packed with information I’ve gleaned over the last 20 years in natural medicine and is based on the successful Stop Dieting & Lose Weight course I designed and taught a few years ago (and haven’t had time to do again since with the clinic!) Each module ends with a set of tasks to complete which will mean you start to implement a weight management plan customized for you as you go along. It’s as if I were sitting next to you guiding you through, but this way, you can do it as quickly or slowly as you like. Each module stands on its own but added together will lead you through the whys and wherefores of managing your weight.


I haven’t yet finished the whole thing, but I know some of you are raring to go with your weight loss plans this new year and that’s why I’m telling you about it now. The first 3 modules, each about 20 pages, are available: Why Diets Don’t Work, Hunger, Insulin & Body Fat and Are You Intolerant?


You can read all about the course and individual modules shortly on the website (as soon as I have time to get it on!) Each module costs £10 and includes email support for questions and motivation as you need it (a darn sight cheaper than a £47 consultation fee to see me, although I’m here for that too, of course!)


I’m telling you about this now so you know what is there to help if you’re thinking of managing your weight better this new year! I should have it finished by the end of Jan.

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