A Healthy Bank Balance

Now I know it’s not very PC to say it, but I actually think the Credit Crunch will be good for us in many ways. Why? Because something had to stop the inexorable swing to mass consumerism we’ve seen over the past few years. True, I’m as grateful as anyone that my house price has increased, but I think it’s about time we were forced to think about what we use and waste and become much more aware of what we’re doing with this life and planet. Short term pain maybe for longer term gain.

This month, then, here are my top tips for saving money whilst still making healthy and ethical decisions..


1.    Grow Your Own. Anyone can plant a few seeds and grow a supply of salad leaves that will last all through Winter. Just make sure they’re organic seeds and use non-peat compost. Salad leaves are so expensive and are usually shipped in so you’re saving money and miles.


2.    Freeze. Shops have a habit of offering 3 for 2 type offers which I think encourages waste. But, not if you freeze the excess or make 2 of the same dishes and freeze one of them. Freezing food keeps most of the nutrients. Just don’t reheat in a microwave and spoil all that healthy effort!


3.    Walk or Bike. Forget the car, save the petrol mand get fit whilst you’re at it. Obvious – but how many of you are actually doing it? If it’s a journey of less than 10 minutes by car, resolve to walk it cycle it instead. You’ll save loads on those gym costs in the New Year too because you won’t need to join!


4.    Buy Smarter. Stop wasting money on toiletries you don’t need, don’t work and just slap more chemicals on your body. I recently went to a skincare party and was quite appalled at how chemical everything smelled and the ingredients in them. I certainly wouldn’t pay good money to give myself a slathering of toxins! There are some fantastic non-toxic and organic products on the market if you know what to look for. Try the Supermodel’s secret Weleda Skin Food. Used by Helena Christensen, Erin O’Connor and other famous faces for years, it comes in at just under six quid – bargain! In fact, the whole Weleda range is fantastic value and one of the most ethical companies around. Faith in Nature, Annemarie Borlind and NHR are all other excellent makes.


5.    Stop Smoking and Drinking So Much! I know, I know: boring, but true! Why not try buying better quality organic wines and beers to enjoy slowly at home? Co-op do some fantastic, cheap ones. With smoking, have you really added up how much it is costing you? It’s astounding when you do. It makes no sense from a health or wallet perspective. Most smokers we see (and we’ve seen thousands) say they have wanted to give up for ages in their hearts but would never admit it – the power of an addiction.

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