Jacket Spud

When the weather gets colder, for lunch or tea I often think a jacket potato is great. Don’t do it in the microwave, though, for goodness sake. If you’re going to have one, pop them in the oven early (they take about an hour or so) so you get a nice crispy one. Yum! (If you are short of time, or have forgotten to start them early enough, do a sweet potato one which takes about half the time.)


Once your spud is cooked, split it open and mash the potato with a fork to make it nice and soft. Then fill with a dollop of hummus, guacamole or salsa and eat it just like that. Or, often I won’t have thought about what’s going to go on it, but I have jars of antipasti type stuff in the fridge. A spoonful of roasted peppers, aubergines and olives with a splash of extra virgin olive oil and some black pepper is really tasty. Or alternatively what about a dollop of pesto (no cheese, of course!) My fave is Sacla’s aubergine pesto; it’s really lovely. Why not have a bit of flaked salmon or crab and a side salad with it? If you’re really stuck for a topping, I really enjoy just a sweet potato with good olive oil and black pepper. Easy peasy, yummy and hassle-free. Enjoy…

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