WiFi Protection

I recently read an interesting article on this from Nicola Summers on the Natural Nutrition website. I hope she doesn’t mind, but I have picked up a few interesting bits to share with you. Many of you know how I feel about this ubiquitous electromagnetic field. Nicola quite rightly compares it with passive smoking – in the atmosphere, harmful, but worse because you can’t see, hear or taste it, or move away from it. Her problem is mostly with signals coming from neighbours’ houses through the walls and into her house when she doesn’t want it. I feel the same – it’s tantamount to electro magnetic pollution of my home. She wants to be able to object to this as she would noise pollution.  

One thing I didn’t know was that “the German government, not known for having an alarmist attitude, say that WiFi should be avoided because of the potential health risks it may pose and have urged their citizens towards the use of telephone line internet access instead.” I had a right fight with Philip and the boys about this as I stood my ground and demanded cable broadband connections instead of WiFi. They thought I was mad – but now I find that the German government agrees with me! (I am feeling smug!)Nicola also gives these useful guidelines: “There are many steps you can take to avoid exposure to electro magnetic stress. Firstly be aware that if you have WiFi in your home, even when you are not using it, if it is left switched on, it will be continuously contacting the WiFi node to maintain a good connection and the control node transmits a pulsing signal continuously to synchronise the system.



“Reduce your exposure in the home to this type of radiation by not having WiFi (or at the very least switching it off when not in use and negotiate with your neighbours to do the same – particularly during the body’s night time cleanse); switch off the mobile phone; get rid of cordless phones; baby monitors, microwave ovens.“To protect myself, I bought an electro smog detector to measure the pulsing frequency that was coming through the wall into my home. The noise was alarming to say the least and particularly as I found that the worse affected area was my food pantry. I then I applied a carbon based paint, painted the adjoining wall and earthed the wall. I re-tested with the electro smog detector, repainted any hot spots where the signal was still able to penetrate and now there is no signal – all is peaceful! I purchased all of these products through 

www.emfields.org but there are other types of paint available from other sources.”www.emfields.org but there are other types of paint available from other sources.”

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