Baltic Town First Allergen-Free Holiday Destination

Yep – you read that right! There are so many allergy problems nowadays, this town has become the first tourist spot to be totally allergy-aware. They have been given an award as the only whole community to be allergy-friendly. All cafes, hotels, villas, bakeries, shops etc offer allergy options, all beds have dust mite covers, all employees have been trained in allergy matters, and because of its (I’m told bracing) climate, it has a very low pollen count. Well done them. Where is it? Baltic sea town Baabe on the island of Rugen.


On a similar theme, if you’re travelling to Italy and have to avoid gluten, you can now get a Gluten Free Guide to Italy from It’ll tell you where to go and the phrases you need – great since Italy is one of the most difficult places to be gluten intolerant or coeliac with all that pasta!

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