AMB Make-Up Trialled!

I have now received all the make-up testers and have been merrily playing with them to see how they have changed. I’m happy to say I think they’re even better than they were before – which I suppose is the point of an update!


The concealer now comes in a brush pen which works great, although the best way once you’ve applied it is to soften it with your finger and melt it into the skin. The mascaras are even better than before – and that’s saying something. Deeper, thicker colour, but still no clogging, and the brush is bushier too. The lipglosses tend to last longer than they did, and there is a lovely new transparent one called cream which gives a real shine to your lips when you don’t want any colour. The raspberry and bronze ones are good deep colours. The eyeliners seem to me to be much softer and I LOVE the smudger on the end – no harsh lines and saves getting it all over your fingers. The eye brow pencils are again softer and the little comb works great to colour the eye brown properly as well as flattening any stray hairs.


Lip stuff – the pencils are again softer somehow and the little brush again means no colour all over your fingers. The mocha colour I particularly liked, and there is now a (very ‘on trend’ as they say) clear red colour too. The lipsticks seem to be much deeper in colour and don’t have as much of a taste to them as the previous ones. The colours are much more up to date, although I noticed that even though they have new names, some are quite close to the favourites of the old colours, so if your favourite has disappeared, ask me to check which of the new colours is closest to it.

The foundations are still as great – good coverage but light as air. This time in pump bottles so no more trying to get it out with a shake when you’re near the end! The blusher colours are much deeper than before and come in a peachy or raspberry tone. Haven’t tried the eye colours yet, but if the rest are to go by, the colours will be richer; I did notice that there is now a black one, so those of you yearning for liquid black eyeliner (again, very in vogue), can dip a damp eyeliner brush into it and draw away!

Hope that helps. I now have some of the tester kits with 2 sample lippies and foundations in – most will be saved for people coming an open evening I’m planning, but please ask if you would like one. I also have colour charts and a great brochure with how best to create lovely faces with the new colours.


On a separate note, I recently used the Tizian Logona Hair Colour to see if it would tone down the grey hairs that seem to be suddenly multiplying on my head. As I have black hair, I wasn’t hoping for much, but thought I’d try it anyway. The verdict: sort of goldeny coloured highlights rather than grey – result!


It’s a hard life doing all this testing for you…! I hope you find it useful.

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