Compulsory Vaccinations

You may or may not be aware that the Government is considering making vaccination compulsory in order for children to attend UK schools and for families to claim child benefit. Many people believe this is a serious attack on civil liberties.

The worry I have is what happens to some children’s immune systems after being overloaded with toxins the immune system is not ready for. What about those who have serious illness – would it not make it even worse for them? Remember too that many vaccines contain toxic substances such as mercury which I wouldn’t want seen put into a child arbitrarily. And also think about those with allergies – what if they are allergic to something in the vaccine? Unfortunately, I have seen too many allergic children (eczema, asthma etc) whose problems can be traced back to an overloaded immune system too young! I would hope that the Govt will make sure there are ways to help parents opt out if they need to. There is a petition about it if you feel strongly. Go to:

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