Berry Granita

In anticipation of lovely warm weather, how about this for a refreshing dessert?

Ok, so it’s got some calories in it from sugar, but it’s got to be better than ice-cream in the health stakes!


Dissolve 150g caster sugar or Zylosweet in 650ml hot Earl Grey tea. Whilst it cools, use a blender to mush a big punnet of organic berries with the juice of an orange. Then stir this mix into the tea and pour into a plastic container. Cover it and put in the freezer overnight. In the morning, get it out of the freezer, uncover it and allow it to soften for half an hour. Then use a fork to break it up until you get little crystals. You may need to refreeze it for another hour and then do this again. You should eventually get a box full of lovely-flavoured crushed ice which will sit happily in the freezer, if it lasts that long! When you want to eat it, pop some into a tall glass with a few fresh berries and enjoy! 

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