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New Searchable Blog Site for Micki –

I now have over 600 people on the distribution list for the e-news (thank you!) It occurred to me that sometimes it would be useful to be able to search through all the stuff I’ve written on specific subjects, health conditions or recipes, for example. I can’t seem to get this on the website yet, so instead I have set up a new blog site which is fully searchable. You can get to this from the website or simply log in to the address above.

If you visit this now, click on the link to subscribe on the right hand side and it will automatically let you know when I have posted something new. Basically, I will write the e-news as before and send it out to you direct like this, but there will be additional bits and bobs on the blog site as and when something interests/excites/annoys me!

Also, it will allow you to leave your own comments for me and others to read if you want to, or contact me direct by email as usual. Be polite or the system will bar your message, and gentle with me, of course! I hope you like the new system and I look forward to any feedback you have.

Thank you also for bearing with us while we moved premises. Hopefully, everything is all sorted now and you didn’t notice too much going wrong! We’re back from having a sunny rest now (and boy, we needed it!) and are raring to go again. Appointments in Mossley are going really well and the e-shop and mail order systems are working as they should. The only thing you will notice from now on will be that you will no longer be able to collect any products at your appointments in Mossley. I have had to remove all products from there as some of the NAET allergy patients were reacting to them. So, instead, I will simply take down what you need and send it mail order for £1 for you straight to your door. Saves you carrying it! If there is something you know you’re going to need desperately, you can always call me and ask me to bring some with me especially for you, but please only do this if it really is urgent. Thanks.

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