Ikea and B&Q Come Up Trumps

Sheherazade Goldsmith who writes in the Green Scene part of the Mail’s YOU magazine recently discussed the problem of outgassing chemicals from the ubiquitous MDF. She explains that plywood & laminate boards use large amounts of chemical glues to produce, but the worst culprit is medium density fibreboard (MDF.)   


The waste wood & shavings are glued together using formaldehyde resins, which can continue to release low levels of chemicals for up to 3 years & are a ‘Category 3’ carcinogen (ie. linked to cancer).   She says ‘the govt. don’t seem to be doing much’  but some retailers such as B&Q & Ikea, inspired  by our European neighbours, now offer low-level (known as E1) & zero formaldehyde MDF. Excellent news. Well done them.  

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