Welcome - Lab Tests

Update: The vast majority of labs are still offering a full service (hoorah). Genova have scaled down some of their tests, but BIolab is back open at full strength. Any tests not available currently, I have put N/A next to them so please do not order those. I will update you with any other changes. Thanks for your patience.

I am a fully qualified and experienced medical nutritionist. I have done an awful lot of testing for patients in my time and this lab test facilitation service has evolved to help people taking responsibility for their own health access the test they need. Here, you can find out about and purchase over 100 lab tests. All can be done postally.

Search for the tests you need, read the Overviews and Q&A/Hints at the bottom of each Overview page, following the links given to see collection instructions, sample reports and more info. Then please read the Test FAQ to see how the process all works. Please don't email me unless you have read that; I'm trying to cut my deluge down 🙂

You place your order, paying me now (+ ones) or sending payment with your samples later (£0.00 ones). I will place the order for your tests and change the shop status to Processing. You get the test kit by post within 4 days or so, usually quicker, and follow all instructions to the letter, sending your samples (and any payment details) to the lab in the correct timeframe.

Your results will come to me as usual (allow 3 weeks, usually quicker) and I will email them to you with the full lab reports and analysis plus ideas on what to do next, if appropriate. If you need further help at that point, you then take them to your chosen health practitioner, download one of my plans which contain the protocols I used in-clinic successfully for years, book some time with one of my clinical team or use the link there to find a local practitioner. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.

Hope you find what you need..and if you don't, please use the Lab Test Request or email me and I'll be glad to help.

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