If you have a question on a medical condition, check the A-Z or search the blog first; your answer may well be there.

If you have a test query, please read the Test FAQ first as your question is probably answered there - we've tried to cover everything, and I mean everything; get a cuppa before you scroll through! Also, don't forget to check the hints and tips/Q&A on each of the test Overview pages and to follow the links given for tests, which is where you'll find loads of info from the lab on each test. Most of the questions we get asked are already answered there, promise!

If you have an Ebook query, check the Ebook FAQ here.

If you need a consultation or some specific advice on test results etc, you can see your Support options here. I am always happy to steer you in the right direction, advise you on tests, correct remedies, where to start, discuss what you might have missed or just be there as support and someone who 'gets it'.

After that, you can contact or Live Chat/Message me if I'm on. Bear with me as I get an awful lot of emails, but I will get back to you!

Ok, hope that helps - and we look forward to helping you!


PS: If you're wondering why we don't give a number out, it's because we get so many sales calls if we do, sorry! Also it means we can more easily send you links to stuff you'll need by email.